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Delicate Opal Charm

Designer: Charlie and Marcelle


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14K Gold Angel Tears Opal Pendant

Sometimes beauty can be found in the simplest of things. This delicate pendant is what I imagine real angel tears would look like. Each opal is hand picked and perfectly unique with an array of angelic colors of the rainbow.

Opal is the birthstone for all those born in October. If you were this is a particularly lucky stone for you to wear. Opal is a powerful stone known to increase clairvoyant powers, balance the psyche, sharpen memory, attract good fortune and give healing powers to the wearer.


Metal: 14k Yellow Gold 

Gemstone: Australian Opal

Dimensions: Approx. 12mm x 5.5mm 

Birthstone: October

Chain sold separately

Also available in 14K Rose Gold and 14K White Gold

Please Note: If it shows "on order" please contact us for the current lead times. 


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