"Making their mark here in the glamorous state of California"


Los Angeles has a burgeoning bauble scene; Curated Los Angeles scours both the city and state for original talent.  Los Angeles is a beacon for creativity, individuals from all over the country make their mark here in the glamorous state of California. Los Angeles has blossomed some of the most creative designers in the US. 

Designers and artisans embrace the natural beauty of California and manifest it into their aesthetic prowess.  Curated Los Angeles designers harness their creative energy and encapsulate it into their work.  At the store you will find a plethora to choose from to fit your personal style-- from the minimalist huggies, to thick layers of beaded bracelets, raw stones, statement chandeliers, tumbled opals, black diamond accents, 65 million year old ammonites, and rainbow colored chokers.

Our talented designers not only have a deep affection for adornment, but are compassionate, downright great people-- many with philanthropic causes.  Curated Los Angeles features these designers’ monthly, hosting events throughout the year.

Each piece in the store’s curated collection is as unique as the designer, a genesis, a meaning behind every jewel.  Lots of time, energy, and work goes into the fabrication of each piece after which it takes on life, ready to become a part of the wearers story to live on and be enjoyed for years to come. 

Jewelry is an extension of self expression, treasured and passed down. Curated Los Angeles curates each local designer's fine jewelry collection seeking out precious adornments capable of touching something within everyone.