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7mm Rose Gold Bead Layering Bracelet

Designer: Karen Lazar

$106.25 $125.00

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Karen Lazar Rose Gold Bead Layering Bracelet (7mm)

With its modern, playful elegance, this rose gold bracelet adds a layer of luminous pink gold beads to your wrist. The elastic band is covered in large shiny rose gold filled beads. Effortless style, spanning the gap between casual and formal, this can be worn for any occasion.


Metal: Rose Gold-fill

Length: Please select

Bead size: 7mm

Closure: stretches to slide on (no clasp)

Sizing Guide

Use a soft measuring tape, or a length of string and a ruler to get your size. Make sure that you wrap the measuring tape around your wrist so that it makes contact with your skin all the way around.  Measure tightly and order ½ inch larger. 

(If your wrist measures 6 inches, you should order size 6.5)


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