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Opal Care

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Opals are a unique gemstone with a special phenomena called "play-of-color". The little pinpoints, or broader brushstroke pattern, of color flashes makes opals really fun to wear and admire. Every opal has its own unique pattern of color flashes and no two opals are identical-- each one is entirely unique. Those flashes of color are due to the opal's structure of silica spheres diffracting light. 

Opal Care

Wearing Opals

When you wear any jewelry the best policy is always to put jewelry on last and take it off first. By doing this you are less likely to get makeup, hairspray, perfume, lotion or sunscreen etc on your jewelry.  It is also a good idea for most jewelry to be removed before bathing, swimming, or working out. 

Storage of Opal jewelry

Opals are sensitive to heat and any kind of extreme temperature change so try to avoid leaving opals out on your counter or anywhere they might end up subject to fluctuating temperatures. It is inevitable that some of the water contained within an opal will evaporate, but it is a good idea to avoid keeping your opals in a very dry place. Keeping your jewelry away from extreme temperatures and chemicals might prevent damage and reduce crazing (small cracks) from forming in your opals.

Cleaning Opal Jewelry

Opals are best cleaned with very mild soap in warm water or, in the case of doublets or triplets, wiped with a soft damp cloth and then dry with another soft cloth. To protect your opals from harm avoid all chemical cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners.



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