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The Octopus Moonstone Diamond Labradorite Necklace



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This intricate necklace depicts a most singular octopus below a sea garden showcasing moonstones, diamonds, and labradorite. The octopus centerpiece  is suspended from a triple chain. A one-of-a-kind masterpiece in lustrous 18k yellow gold.


Gemstone: Moonstone 4.26ctw, Diamond 0.42ctw, Labradorite 0.56ctw

Metal: 18k Yellow gold

Length: 18 inches

Closure: Shepard's hook


Sandra aims "to create jewelry that, like a flower, can be viewed from any angle-each its own splendid experience." The gemstones she uses come from nature and therefore nature is an integral source of inspiration for Sandra's designs. She loves that jewelry can be something special to one person, representing the individual, and yet be timeless and endure for generations. 

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