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Butterfly Cut-out Cigar Band Ring

Designer: J. Herwitt


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Cigar Band with Butterfly Cut-outs

Often symbolizing endurance, change, hope, and life, this bold cigar band exudes a playful, feminine style. Whimsical butterflies in flight encircle the ring.  This is a beautiful every day effortlessly elegant statement ring.


Metal: 14k yellow gold

Band Width:17mm

Size: 7 US


Jen Herwitt is an accomplished Emmy award winning set designer and spinner of jewels who finds wonder in the tiny world of insects. Trained in entomology, her passion is captured in her collection through the tiny details and realistic portrayals of each spider, butterfly, ant, dragonfly, scorpion, snake or seahorse. Each of her designs is edgy and distinctive with a fairytale quality.

"Inspired by the profound beauty and complexity of the insect world, she channels her love of insects into jeweled renditions of the diminutive wonders and is sure to never overlook the positive omen of an anthill by her door."


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