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Diamond Ant Yellow Gold Tie Tack

Designer: J. Herwitt


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Ant Tie Tack Diamond Pin

Fine jewelry with an edge, this diamond tie tack shaped like an ant will sparkle while sparking conversation. Whether you wear it on a tie, a lapel, or hat band this little fellow will add a personalized statement to your ensemble.


Gemstone: Diamond

Metal: 14k Yellow Gold

Type: Tie Tack


Jen Herwitt is an accomplished Emmy award winning set designer and spinner of jewels who finds wonder in the tiny world of insects. Trained in entomology, her passion is captured in her collection through the tiny details and realistic portrayals of each spider, butterfly, ant, dragonfly, scorpion, snake or seahorse. Each of her designs is edgy and distinctive with a fairytale quality.

"Inspired by the profound beauty and complexity of the insect world, she channels her love of insects into jeweled renditions of the diminutive wonders and is sure to never overlook the positive omen of an anthill by her door."



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