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Meet the Designer of NIXIN and LINE+HUE

Meet the designer of NIXIN and LINE+HUE



Hi, I'm Nikki I'm the owner of NIXIN and Line + Hue jewelry.

Do you want to talk about your stacking rings and the type of stones you use in those pieces?

Absolutely, so one of the things I love doing, especially with my NIXIN collection, is creating stacking pieces. I find a lot of my clients really respond well to that especially those that are looking for engagement pieces. They love to be able to add to their engagement ring and wedding stack over the years.  So this has been a very popular piece this is a “triple Eclipse star gazer ring” and you can see it’s got three cabochon moonstones that are pretty, pretty incredible clarity here, and they have-- here's a big word for those that aren't in the trade— adularescence that's the blue flash in the stones. So individually here's how it looks but for those that want a stacking ring, or those that are looking for engagement rings, I created these stacking bands. There are different ways that you can stack them, you can interlock stones and the rings-- like this—to create a stacked look and there are different ways that you can stack the rings. You can play with them but that's one example of how you can do it also.

So these pieces are related to that style? Are these the same collection?

Not necessarily the same collection but I would consider these part of my more minimalist style.

Oh, so this here is the minimalist style.

Exactly! These are the “cubist wrap earrings”. This is the “helix ring”.

Right, so you were just telling me the special thing about this ring is how you can wear it--

Doubled up. Some of these you can actually intertwine them! You intertwine them first and then you slide them both onto

your finger-- and you can actually intertwine them so that they start and end exactly at the same place where you

can unwind them a little bit, kind of like a corkscrew, so they look almost twice as long and you get this doubled up effect. It's actually a really fun look.

This sounds really exciting because I know that it's very popular -and one of my favorite things to do with jewelry-- is when you can wear it more than one way.

Right, so good. Yes that’s exactly what I'd say.

So some of these other pieces are from different collections that are a larger bolder look-- like this piece over here…

So this piece is actually from my other line. The pieces we were just talking about are from NIXIN.

 I see that's NIXIN… and this is?

This piece is from Line + Hue, it's my other brand that I have. And the Line + Hue brand is actually very highly focused on gradients. So I work with three types of gradients: size gradients, density gradients, and color gradients.

So you’ve got this sort of variation in shade as you go along the row of stones.

Exactly! So it's not just about rainbow-- going from red, orange, yellow, green to blue-- but actually about focusing on hues really shifting from-- you see the purple here into a different shade of purple.

 All the way to an almost greenish.

Exactly, and I've got other examples of that-- here this is the amber “sphinx series”. One has-- it ranges from almost a merlot-- all the way down to like a honey color, with shades of amber. A kind of softened amber between.

So which stones are in these rings?

These are all sapphires and the little white stones are diamonds. Sapphires are really amazing! A lot of people that aren't familiar with sapphires think they only come in blue but sapphires really come in every shade of the rainbow.

Right, right

This is the midi “sphinx ring” which is intended to go on your finger like that.

 On the middle joint like that.


Yeah? OK, so I see you are inspired by the color and the variation. [Do] you want to talk about some of the other pieces in this collection?

Absolutely-- and another thing I do in the Line + Hue collection is density gradient that's when I cluster stones and then they

spread out some people like to call it a spray as well this is a hexagon piece that I do the density gradient and I

happen to be wearing a horizontal horror this is one of my favorite pieces. Excuse me, I said horizontal it's a vertical bar!

I also do it in a horizontal bar same thing I do earrings, necklaces, I've got a beautiful cuff bracelet I do in his collection as well.

What about the work with the various stone; rutilated quartz here -- and you've also got the opals—want to talk about these pieces?

Sure, so I guess to take it back one step in your question, what you'll see in my NIXIN collection is kind of a combination of styles sometimes I do more minimalist pieces. Like we already addressed, sometimes I do pieces that have a touch of Art Deco and the third style you'll sometimes see is a little more organic. You'll also sometimes see a combination of those elements so when you're looking at here I would say as a combination of the more organic and some minimalist. Because you see this geometric minimalist shape with the bars coming over the rutilated quartz but it also has an organic feel with that type of stone in it. Same thing here, you get in this piece-- you get a very minimalist geometric feel to it-- but with that Australian boulder opal it also has a very organic earthy feel to it. These pieces over here-- this is the “paleo series” it's made out of 14 karat rose diamond slices. Some diamond slices are very flat others are a little deeper and have a slight Rose-cut surface to them. These are the type that have a slight Rose cut surface and a touch of a champagne hue to their color-- that's what I love about them-- so you get beautiful reflection off their faceted surface. It's a small collection because I don't have any more of these stones left available so these are one-of-a- kinds. But these are definitely an example of a more organic feel in the collection.


YOU'RE IN!! You're a fashion maven with the superb style....which is why you're here :D We have new jewels added daily, so keep an eye out for that next special forever piece. You deserve it!

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